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Payment Methods for Services: We accept cash, checks, PayPal and major credit cards. All invoices are to be paid upon job completion.

Residential Service (Home Offices-Individuals): Our standard hourly rate for residential computer service is $60 per hour, with a one hour minimum. After the first hour, we bill in half-hour increments. We feel that we charge a very fair rate and we can easily beat the in home computer repair rates of the nerd “Squad” running around town in their cute little black and white bugs. 

Commercial Service (Small Businesses): Our standard hourly rate for small business computer service is $100 per hour, with a one hour minimum. After the first hour, we bill in half-hour increments.

Trip Charges: We are basically centrally located so we don’t apply trip charges to work done locally, but we do charge a $20 trip charge for all work.

Our availability: Our response time is typically within 2-24 hours, but can be the same day depending on our workload. If you have an absolute emergency, then we can drop what we are doing and come to your office immediately, but for a 25% charge over the total cost of the job.

Preventative Maintenance: We perform both physical and software maintenance to keep your machine running at peak performance. Computers left unattended increase the chance of hardware and software failure. We also regularly review machine logs for errors and items that may point out potential issues and hardware/software failure.

Discounts on Services! Save 15-20% on all additional services during the length of your contract.

Keeps Your Computers Up-To-Date: We ensure that your machines receive all important security and updates to Windows and all major software loaded on your machines.

Stay Virus Free!: We regularly run manual scans for virus and malicious programs to keep your data safe and secure. We also review automated virus and malware scan logs to keep track of infections and advise on potential security risks.

Less Downtime!: With our full spectrum of maintenance services, you experience less downtime as we catch problems before they happen. This allows you to work on the things that are important to you and your business without worrying about potential issues.

Protecting your Data: We regularly check and test any integrated backups to ensure your data’s integrity. No need to worry about a hardware failure as your data is safe and secure.

Computer Service Rates Vary by Experience: As you search for a quality computer person, one of the key factors you look at in making your selection is price, whether that is hourly or a flat-fee. PC repair rates can range from $35-$150 per hour. The $150 computer repair hourly rate is usually charged to a business for a server repair or work on a database, so you shouldn’t expect to pay that high of a computer service rate as an individual. On the flip side, $35 sounds like a great rate but then your stuck with having to dismantle your pc, take it to a shop, pick it up after a week and having to try and re-connect all the cables correctly. This can be a pain. The other issue with these shops is you have no idea of the experience of the person working on your pc in the back.